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Just because we like to live rural doesn't mean that we are primitive.
We built SouthWest Communications because our families need reliable, cheap service to the Information Superhighway.

SouthWest Communications is a not-for-profit organization that offsets the high cost of having Internet access available in rural areas.

How is it any different

Whether you are using cell phone carriers with a data plan, microwave back-haul, satellite or WhiteSpace. We haven't found any connection at this speed available at a lower price.

Lowest Latency.
Latency is the time delay in transmitting data packets. Latency makes your Internet experience slow or hesitant. While you cannot control the entire Internet, your ISP plays a large part in the first hops. In comparative tests, the connection at SouthWest has the lowest latency available.**

Active Intrusion Detection System running 24/7 to block unwanted traffic

Pay as you go. No contracts to wait out or to cancel. Pick back up at any time.

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